Pros and Cons of Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops come in different colors, materials, styles and patterns to fit the general theme of any kitchen. Kitchen countertops are made of various materials like granite, limestone, concrete, vinyl, clay, glass and wood. Each of these materials offers different benefits and drawbacks. Therefore it is necessary to decide on kitchen countertops keeping in mind how you plan to use them before choosing one.

Granite kitchen countertops are very hard wearing, strong and dense. It is one of the oldest types of countertops available and is ideal for high usage areas. Granite countertops, even at its top grades, can be very expensive. But it has a timeless beauty, resistance to stains, scratches and heat, scratch resistance, are easy to maintain and come in a variety of colors. A granite countertop is a solid flat, even surface, usually engineered stone, granite or laminate, made for heavy work surfaces in kitchens, toilets or even bathrooms, and sometimes workrooms in general. It is relatively unaffected by heat, stains, scratches and wears down fast. Make sure you learn more about Marble kitchen countertops from this page.

Marble kitchen countertops are a popular choice for kitchen countertops because they are attractive, durable, heat resistant and non-slip. Their durability makes them appropriate for high traffic areas and that is why they remain expensive. Marble countertops have a matte and somewhat cool appearance, which make them suitable for almost all types of kitchen countertops. Take a look at this link: for more details about Marble kitchen countertops.

Quartz stone is an extremely durable countertop material, but because of its durability, it is rather expensive. Quartz is a crystalline silicate mineral that forms in a variety of shapes, including squares and stripes. Quartz stone can be found in many different colors, but is typically a dull white. Because of its durability, quartz stone is often used as a back splash in kitchen countertops. A quartz stone countertop has a low maintenance cost compared to marble.

Although laminate countertops are durable and scratch resistant, they don't look as nice as marble or quartz. They do not retain the same appeal of natural materials like granite or quartz due to the cheap synthetic veneer appearance of laminate countertops. Laminate kitchen countertops cost about three times as much as granite and they do not even come close to matching in durability or beauty.

There are some cons associated with laminate countertops. First of all, laminate does not offer the same visual appeal and style as natural materials like granite and quartz. Second of all, the cleaning process for laminate countertops can be tedious and hard because the laminate materials are slick. Lastly, they can crack or chip if too much pressure is applied to them. These three reasons are not valid reasons to use a granite or quartz countertop in your kitchen. Discover more about kitchen here:

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